Wow! Only 2% Fat!

All of your life you’ve seen milk labels that advertise great-tasting milk with only 2% fat. If the marketing people were right, you’ve optimistically assumed that 98% of the fat had somehow been removed, leaving a tiny, harmless bit behind. Well you’re going to learn the truth eventually, so it might as well be right now: actually only about half of the fat has been removed, leaving half for you to enjoy. But hey, 50% is still a win, right? It’s just not as good as it sounded.

Here’s what you should know: the fat content of cow milk varies by cow type, diet and other factors, but is usually somewhere around the 4% mark, so 2% fat is half-fat. I suppose that “2% fat” on the label is more appealing than “50% less fat”. So why don’t they write “4% fat” instead of “whole” milk? I guess that’s why I’m not in advertising.

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