Children of the American Revolution

Several National Societies exist today to honor descendants of patriots of the American Revolution. The societies have various stated purposes but in general seek to increase public awareness and preserve the memory of the values, ideals, and actions of those involved in establishing American independence. And of course to bring attention to themselves. The earliest known society was actually conceived before the revolution was over, in Fishkill, New York in 1783. The hereditary Society of the Cincinnati, organized by Major General Henry Knox, was created to help officers keep in […]

The Blues Scale

You’ve experienced it from a variety of musicians and you’ve heard the phrase batted around as if everyone knows just what it is. But do they? Do you? Here’s what our culture assumes you to already know about the blues scale. There’s no clear-cut definition what is or is not a blues scale other than it is a scale that can be used to create solos in the wide variety of music known as blues. However, most musicians agree that the six-note blues scale is a good starting point. This […]