Minute of Angle

He’s shooting minute of angle, they say knowingly. The rest of us just stare blankly. If you’ve ever read any novels or seen any movies about snipers or expert marksmen or military heroes, you’ve no doubt met a character who shoots minute of angle (MOA). Writers throw this term around like we were all born knowing what it means, and they rarely give a good explanation for it. Well just in case it comes up in conversation next time you’re talking to a gun enthusiast, here’s what you need to […]

Occam’s Razor

Occam’s Razor is one of those expressions that linger on the edge of most people’s sphere of knowledge: we kind of know what it is, having probably learned it once and since forgotten. We understand it in context but are fearful of misusing it ourselves. Well fear no more! Here’s what you need to know to take control of this useful expression. Williamm of Ockham (1287-1347) was an English Franciscan friar, philosopher and theologian. His so-called “razor” is a philosophical principle referred to as his razor because he used it […]